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Add tabs to Microsoft Office apps


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You can integrate Office Tabs on the office software suite Microsoft Office to let you to open various documents at a time and separate them with tabs.

This little function makes it easier to navigate between documents, because you don't have to keep switching from file to file using the Windows toolbar.

Office Tabs is a very useful way to see, edit and manage documents and presentations using the tabs in the editor, as the original suite does not include this interesting option in its different versions of Word, Excel and Power Point.

The tab toolbar can be completely customized using up to eleven styles that include different colors, styles, typefaces and widths. In addition, you can change this last characteristic so that the size of the tab always adapts itself to the space available or so that it always has the same width.

Office Tabs also allows you to use a ton of keyboard shortcuts to open new files, hide them, change from one to another or select one specific file.

It requires Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 or 2003. It is not compatible with 2013.

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